City Hotel and Graffiti Art

City Hotel and Graffiti Art
The Radisson Blu Hotel Pudong Century Park breaks the mold of the archetypical business and leisure hotel. The hotel is refreshingly different in every possible way, from minimalistic design concept to art hospitality philosophy and right down to the chinaware. The immediate impression is one of pure artistry, reinforced by commissioned modern art pieces and eight themed art exhibitions, housed here since 2009. This different approach to upscale accommodation has been achieved without compromising the renowned "Art Hospitality" of the hotel.

Shanghai, as one of the biggest cities in the world, features millions of erected walls that form an indistinguishable cityscape, ultimately conforming to an audacious skyline of graffiti art. The most prominent location for graffiti is Moganshan Lu, a famed road with many kinds of art and galleries by wonderful artists from around the world. Unfortunately, the Moganshan Lu graffiti wall will be demolished by the end of the year. The end of the Moganshan Lu, however, is not the end of graffiti art in Shanghai. The hotel believes that graffiti art can take place anywhere. After successfully organizing eight art exhibitions, from contemporary Chinese to Dali in the hotel, the Radisson Blu Hotel is now offering a new platform for those artists who are wandering around the city seeking a new "Moganshan Lu." Mr. Paul Conquerel, a prolific French graffiti artist in Shanghai, has been commissioned to create inspiring graffiti art for the hotel’s parking area, which will result in another eye feast with intense color and thought provoking visions for the hotel guests.


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